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As ITBC Consulting Services, we are a successful and innovative technology company established with the aim of providing high efficiency services and solutions to businesses. We provide services with our expert staff in the fields of turnkey custom software development, corporate or general participation information training and information consultancy.

We develop special software independent of the platform with web, desktop and mobile solutions by controlling the most up-to-date technologies with our expert staff for the needs of our business partners and businesses. Turnkey custom software development service; It is planned as a dynamic process in which the most suitable technology and software development architecture is selected for the project, the project owner business partner or business is constantly involved in the project.

As ITBC Academy, we regularly organize corporate trainings in order to share the sector experience and knowledge of our expert trainers in our staff with our business partners. With our instructors who have gained many years of experience in the field of education, we meet your training demands, we organize corporate informatics trainings within the training plan we have analyzed and prepared for your training needs. At the same time, as ITBC Academy, we organize project-based individual informatics trainings for those who want to take part in the informatics sector with informatics trainings open to individual participation. In this way, we aim to contribute to the qualified workforce, which is one of the most important needs of the information sector.

The IT consultancy service we offer with the experience we have gained from every project we develop and every solution we produce is one of our main activities. Main consultancy areas such as Cloud Computing, System Consultancy, Outsourcing personnel leasing are evaluated within the scope of our IT consultancy service.

Packaged software developed by the qualified project team in our team as ITBC Bilişim are prepared on a sectoral basis for businesses and offer fast and standard solutions. Software that works with cloud infrastructure in monthly or annual subscription system provides a fast, flexible and uninterrupted service as well as cost benefits.

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