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Corporate IT Trainings

Our teaching staff within the ITBC Academy consists of experts who work in projects developed in the sector and are also experienced in the field of education.Therefore, our expert training staff shares both their experience gained from sector projects and their knowledge and experience in education through corporate or public informatics trainings.

Within the scope of corporate informatics trainings, the training needs of enterprises are determined and the training contents prepared for this need are presented for approval. The approved training content is carried out by our expert trainers within the ITBC Academy or from the centers of the enterprises. At the end of the training, satisfaction report is prepared with the evaluation questionnaire we make, and benefit reports are prepared for the participants with the technical evaluation exam.

Trainings open to general participation are open to all participants, organized in areas where the information sector needs the most. Our training content, which is prepared by our teaching staff with a focus on practice and with the aim of providing the participants with experience, is constantly updated in line with technological developments.

As a result of the trainings we provide at ITBC Academy, all participants are given a certificate of participation, and a certificate of achievement is given to participants who are successful in the project work carried out at the end of the training. In addition, at the end of the training, our participants are directed to internationally valid exams related to the training they attended.