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IT Consulting

As ITBC Bilişim, we provide information consultancy services to our business partners and information systems manufacturers, especially in the fields of planning, project management, system analysis and design, optimization, installation and test / maintenance. The services we offer within the scope of IT Consultancy are divided into three areas as cloud computing consultancy, system consultancy and outsourcing personnel supply service.

Cloud Computing Consulting
It starts with the analysis work required for businesses to meet with the public, private or hybrid cloud. Businesses that do not have any information technology investment, and have devices or software on different platforms, in different centers, get a more powerful, uninterrupted, less costly and highly efficient service with the "pay as you go" logic by moving their businesses to the cloud.

System Consulting;
It includes analyzing all necessary software and hardware needs, technical support and continuous maintenance, PC and peripheral installation, server and network hardware installation and configuration, network and security systems configuration and backup services.

Outsourcing Employee Procurement service;
As ITBC Bilişim, we meet the technical employee needs of our business partners in the field of information technologies. Personnel with the required expertise and experience are hired in the medium or long term, thus reducing the risks taken by enterprises in personnel selection, shortening their recruitment periods and focusing on their core activities.