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E-Trade Application

It is an online sales system that includes B2C (Business to Customer - Sales to the End User) and B2B (Business to Business - Dealer Channel Sales) systems for individuals and businesses that want to start their online sales activities in a short time. It is an e-commerce software that provides an end-to-end online sales experience with payment systems and POS integrations by analyzing all movements of the e-Commerce user within the application, preparing reports and campaign recommendations on marketing strategies.

Some of the modules included in the optional or default e-commerce software :
  • Unlimited Product and Category Management
  • Blog and Content Production Module
  • Dealer management and Dealer sales infrastructure
  • Product and Price Comparison and Customer Advice System
  • CRM and Accounting Systems Integration
  • SEO and Marketing Tools Management Module
  • Payment Systems Integration
  • Cargo and Invoice Tracking System
  • Live Support and Customer Service Management Module